my mind’s interaction (a poem)

The crown of wooden rings stretch horizontally blanketing the hardened shoulders housing a past life and a current breath Maple fall leaves melt circles; moats, that shelter a forgotten onyx pit, speaking without consent, without being heard Sullied scents, drip curses, wane for attention, unknowingly wafts confusion upon the owner but also the gatherer Mischievous … Continue reading my mind’s interaction (a poem)

River Play

Blemished peaches fall under the surface Their ligaments reach into the silt Shifting Feeling The fruitful earth One peach pulls a redden stone of the past The other peach pulls a sharp rounded edge closed by muscles. Both peaches submerse again to thread their appendages into mother earth's fertility.

A Past Life

Sinful desires shape unsated salvation Quantify controlled quakes of self crime Fumes of fermented lust lessens our logic Pungent practices leave permanent marks piled One incident, one person, one idea Wonders which watching wander will wake Gently justify jousts of neglect. Beginnings before yearning to be eternally rooted Hours mourn minutes, minutes mourn seconds, consequently... … Continue reading A Past Life

We are Okay

We say we are okay, because if we don't this vague sense of depression, need, and loneliness settles in. A little bit of dark emotion distracts us as if we are looking at a darkness that has an eternal depth. Eternal depth does become less hollow, eventually, leaving us looking at our friends who glow … Continue reading We are Okay