Public Transit 

I work in Minneapolis and live in Saint Paul. Public transit is a life line for me, which is annoying because I'm so use to having my independence with my car. The positive thing about public transit you have to see all kinds of different people. I don't get to talk to them, but just … Continue reading Public Transit 



Fragile tends to break Strikes significant cracks and then we hear vinyl skip Skip the sharp edges of that missed the eyes when the mirror shatters from our fists   Forget that blood trickles down the fist Tickle of pain musters emotion that frays the veins of the heart Trick that emotional lava when the voice … Continue reading Fragile

Night Rain

The sharpen diamonds cut the crumbled charcoal sky Charcoal dust hits my white canvas face Flecks of snowy skin are submerged by a bled black sky As blood seeps into my papered flesh Crud cut diamonds cut through my eyes Create a Solitude of unseen darkness


My sanity is a falsehood of rotten flesh neither rancid from decay or fragrant from the season.   My luck is charcoal wood dusted off into a river of fools gold.   Shattered links connect the crystalized heart of my unlucky sanity.  


Babbling Brook streams from me Misguided boats drift from decayed memories Rapids shuddered their knotted piney sides Wood creeks to answer roars of the water   Babbling Brook consumes dry land Geysers allow Earth's wails to be heard thick steam gathers on fir trees Dense mossy branches snap   Steamy cries erupt   Babbling brook … Continue reading Crying


Reading lips hurts my eyes ripping pupils from the edge to the inside crying hurts my eyes draining pools of ponded tears shriveled sockets of bone seeing love hurts my eyes loving you executes the pain to bloom bashful thoughts of a red headed dame