Public Transit 

I work in Minneapolis and live in Saint Paul. Public transit is a life line for me, which is annoying because I’m so use to having my independence with my car. The positive thing about public transit you have to see all kinds of different people. I don’t get to talk to them, but just noticing some of the everyday actions that we take advantage like crossing our legs, sitting in the inside or outside of the train seat, and whether or not people listen to music. 

Many of the people getting on and off are coming from work when I enter the train so they look worn, sometimes happy to be free of the cubicle. Others are just trying to survive from the cold so they ride the train all day or the majority of the day. The train reminds me of the government because the government houses and assists many people. It is likely though that there are people left behind on the platform to freeze or ponder life. There are also people left to understand what they want with life and just sit there meditateing. 
The government helps us, but they make us become a sheep in the process. Some people don’t know how to fake being a sheep and only know how to be their own animal. We see those people left behind and then society has negative, stereotypical outlooks on them which is disappointing. Maybe the saying “the kindest people have been hurt the most” is true and we just forget how much we have been hurt in the past. 

Anyway I’m saddened and enlightened everytime I ride the train. Hopefully I don’t loose my goals and self faith. Even though it is hard to be an opassim with the skin of a sheep draped over me.  


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